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My year is split into three parts: 6 months spent in French Polynesia (based in Mo’Orea), 4
months spent in France (based in Perpignan) and 2 months spent on missions (generally in
New Caledonia, Clipperton, the Caribbean Islands, etc). Generally, I am in Polynesia
between March and July, then in November and December.
Concerning applications for an internship, I wish to receive a résumé (with a photo if
possible), a motivation letter indicating precisely the level of studies, the possible dates for
the internship, as well as the agreement to come at your own expense to French Polynesia.
Your files will have to include your name, your level of studies (for an internship), the type
of file sent, as well as the period (for instance:
DUPONT_M2_CV_internship_Jan_to_Jun_2018). As a rule, your accommodation and costs
are paid for by the CRIOBE.
See below how to contact me on the sites in Polynesia and in France.

At the Mo’orea laboratory (French Polynesia)

I am present in French Polynesia and based at the CRIOBE of Moorea (Opunohu Bay) about
six months of the year, generally between March and June, then in November and December.
Contact me beforehand by email to arrange a meeting. Access to CRIOBE is through the Fa’a
international airport in Tahiti. Then it is necessary to take a ferry (30 minutes) from Papeete.
When you reach the Vaiare quay on Mo’orea, there is a twenty-five-minute car drive to reach
the Opunohu bay.

At the Perpignan laboratory

On average, I am present at the Perpignan laboratory four months every year, generally in
January and February, then in September and October. Contact me beforehand by email to
arrange a meeting. The laboratory is on the campus of the University of Perpignan, building
R, access at N° 68 Avenue Paul Alduy.